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A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game - Queen's Men

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  • The Queen’s Men Take to the Field of Battle


    The Queen’s Men of Stannis’ court are called as such not specifically for their dedication to Queen Selyse, but mainly due to their conversion to the faith of R’hllor. Some might say Melisandre is their real Queen.

    Tactical Points

    • With impressive Attack and Defense Stats, the R’hllor Queen’s Men are a great unit for prolonged battles. And when they would be destroyed, they still have a chance to carry on fighting with their Order: To the Last!
    • The Order: Queen’s Blade, allows you to draw specific cards from your Tactics Deck that will bolster your army in the long run.
    • Remember! Armies may not include units with different Loyalties. The R’hlllor Queen’s Men have their Loyalty aligned to Stannis Baratheon.


    Queen's Men
    • 12Miniatures
    • 1Unit Cards
    • 1Movement Tray
    • Highly-Detailed Figures
      Highly-Detailed Figures
      The Queen’s Men are represented on the tabletop with pre-assembled, highly-detailed miniature figures.
    • Everything Included
      Everything Included
      The unit box contains the unit, their movement tray, and stat card, giving players everything they need to add the unit right away to their forces on the battlefield.
    • New Options
      New Options
      As a strong melee unit, the Queen’s Men will give House Baratheon players a powerful new close-combat force for their armies.

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