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Arcadia Quest

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Lead your Guild and loot the Monster infested city of Arcadia!

Arcadia Quest is an exciting, adventure board game for 2-4 players created by a quartet of designers, including Eric M. Lang. Each player controls a Guild, competing to be the liberators of the city of Arcadia and, more importantly, to become the richest and most powerful Guild in the land! Arcadia Quest combines PvE and PvP gameplay, so players battle both the Monsters that populate the board and the Heroes of other Guilds. The Monsters react to the player's actions, so there is no Game Master, everybody gets to play as Heroes. The game is played through scenarios that make up a campaign. Players can choose the path their campaign takes, ensuring that no two playthroughs are ever the same. As their Heroes defeat enemies and accomplish quests, they become gradually more powerful and resourceful!


Duration: 60 mins

Players: 2 -4

Ages: 14+



Arcadia Quest

  • 37 Highly-Detailed Plastic Miniatures
  • 15 Miniature Bases
  • 14 Custom Dice
  • 260 Cards
  • Double-Sided Game Tiles
  • Guild Dashboards
  • Rulebook
  • 300+ Tokens
  • Campaign Book
  • Campaign Sheet Pad

Player versus Player versus Environment
Player versus Player versus Environment

Each player controls a Guild of 3 Heroes, competing to be the ones that will free the city of Arcadia from the Monsters and become the most prosperous Guild in the land! Players must deal with the Monsters that occupy the city as much as the other Guilds trying to claim more fame for themselves!

Loot and Equipment
Loot and Equipment

As players complete scenarios, they'll be able to earn items and equipment through loot and gold!

Modular Campaign System
Modular Campaign System

Multiple linked scenarios allow for the Guilds to experience a continuous story that will eventually see the Guilds reclaiming the city of Arcadia.

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