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Arcadia Quest: Inferno

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Lead your Guild of Heroes into Inferno, fight the demons and loot the Underworld

Arcadia Quest: Inferno is both a standalone game, and an expansion to the smash hit Arcadia Quest. In this 2-4 player board game, players lead Guilds of intrepid Heroes down into Inferno on an epic campaign to thwart the Underlord's evil schemes and save the city of Arcadia. But only one guild will be victorious, so players must battle against each other as well as the demonic forces!

Going down into the infernal depths presents the heroes of Arcadia with a new set of challenges and opportunities, in the form of Damnation! This dark power permeates everything in Inferno, and daring heroes may want to use it to their advantage (and face the consequences).

Duration: 60 mins

Players: 2 - 4

Ages: 14+

  • BOX CONTENTSArcadia Quest: Inferno12 Hero figures
  • Angel figures
  • 19 Monster figures
  • 12 color plastic bases
  • Attack dice
  • Defense dice
  • double-sided game tiles
  • guild dashboards
  • 276 cards
  • 300+ tokens
  • Campaign Sheet
  • Rulebook
  • Campaign Book
New HeroesNew Heroes
Twelve new Heroes enter the fiery depths below Arcadia. They’ll need all of their wits about them, as the face off against the monstrous army of the Underlord. Inferno features dozens of new, highly detailed figures.
The Underlord has held these protectors of Arcadia captive, in an attempt to corrupt them. Players can free them and add them to their Guild as powerful allies.
Damnation is a seductive force in Inferno. It can be used to great advantage by players willing to take a risk. However, the more Damnation a player acquires, the more of a target they become!