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Boxitale: Elite Explorers

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An innovative tabletop game that uses a smartphone/ tablet to stream an animated series taking place in a galactic universe.

The game present challenges to the players, the challenges are solved using craft that is placed on the board game

Craft game!

the game is build of episodes and the players win by completing an episode

Captain Kadara has a secret mission of investigating the existence of an unknown space station found on an asteroid near Venus. He assembles a team that includes: Lumi, an “I can fix all” technician, a professor and the kids (in the game, they are called guardians).
Together, they discover the truth about the space station and they need to face the upcoming challenges that come with this new knowledge.
The kids use various crafted technics and a lot of imagination and creativity to solve the challenges and save “El Animal.”

Players: 1 - 4
Duration: 45 - 120 mins
Ages: 7+
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