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Boxitale: Knights Of Nature

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BoxiTale brings stories to life on smartphones or tablets, allowing children to craft their innovative skills on a gameboard. Utilizing the BoxiTale app while building the game, players design, build and solve challenges presented to them within the story.

Boxitale is a table top game that uses a smartphone/ tablet to stream an animated series taking place in a secret land called “El Animal” where Alen, Drama and the kids (players) are part of a group called ‘knights of nature’.

The group meets regularly in their hiding place at the treehouse, but something strange happens. A book starts to move on the book shelf, and they find themselves in the mystical land, “El- Animal”, where evil forces take control of the animal powers.

The kids use various crafted technics and a lot of imagination and creativity to solve the challenges and save “El Animal".

Players: 1 - 4
Duration: 45 - 120 mins
Ages: 7+