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Dojo Kun

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In Dojo Kun, players act as Senseis of their own dojo. The game consists of two phases. In the first, they recruit and train students, expand their school’s training facilities, and send their students to go on quests for the local village. In the second, their top students participate in a single-elimination tournament, proving whose martial arts are superior. After two seasons, the player that has accumulated the most Prestige is declared the winner. The two phases play very different, with the first being a worker placement and resource management style, and the tournament being a dice-focused combat game. Dojo Kun is like two games in one, and showing you’re the best will take everything you’ve got. 

Duration: 90mins

Players: 1-4

Age: 14+


Dojo Kun
  • 4Village Boards
  • 4Dojo Boards
  • 4Senpai Cards
  • 8Prediction Cards
  • 3Reservation Tiles
  • 18Training Equipment Tiles
  • 16Athlete Tokens
  • 4Sensei Tokens
  • 24Dice
  • 108Experience Level Tokens
  • 8Secret Technique Tokens
  • 8Combat Moves Tokens
  • 2Fighter Tokens
  • 8Dojo Expansion Boards
  • 12Season 1 Athlete Cards
  • 12Season 2 Athlete Cards
  • 6Adventure Cards
  • 6Special Move Cards
  • 4Player Aid Cards
  • 7Void Dojo Athlete Cards
  • 7Void Dojo Athlete Tokens
  • 1Round Counter Token
  • 50KI Tokens
  • 60Prestige Point Tokens
  • 10Wound Tokens
  • 1First Player Token
  • 1Rulebook
Train Students
 Train Students
Recruit unique students to your school, training them in various martial arts over the course of two seasons. 
Compete for Honor
 Compete for Honor
Send students to fight in two tournaments. Bet on the outcome of each match, with the highest honors going to the student that wins.  
Earn Prestige
 Earn Prestige
Players gain prestige for upgrading their dojo, performing tasks for the local villagers, and recruiting the best students to their school. 

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