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  • Play Time: 30 to 60 minutes

  • Players: 2 to 4

  • Ages: 12+

  • Learning Curve: Easy, with high skill ceiling

Kawa is a game of quiet contemplation, named after the word for "river" (川) in Japanese.

In Kawa, players guide petals down a beautifully-painted river. The river's tiles depict its currents and eddies, and as the petals float across them some remain left behind. Even as the river comes awash with colour, players must avoid the petals of other flowers, while setting up their own for others to flow into. Simply following the river's currents is easy, but to master the game players will need to learn to read its ever-changing flow.

The river's flora and fauna breathe life into the scene. Every game players choose two "special tiles" to add to the river, each with their own unique effects. With nine different specials to choose from, each trip down the river is unique.

Flow petals down a beautiful river with your friends.

In this game of quiet contemplation, be careful to avoid the petals of other players, while getting them to flow into yours. River flora and fauna liven up the scene, making each trip down the river unique.

(All cards and tokens come in a high-quality linen finish.)

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