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YWOW Games

Mad News

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Take on the role of an intrepid reporter looking for the most bizarre headline!

The Goal is to gather Where, Who, What, Who To, What With, and WHY cards to form the most BIZARRE news headline!

Be Creative to win medals – Roll the die and move your pawn to get your story crazier and crazier! Land on a Breaking News tile to share and elaborate your story!

The player with the most medals (awarded for the best bizarre stories) by the end of the game wins!

Age: 15+

Every box contains:

6 sets of NEWS CARDS: The cards you’ll use to make your headlines: WHERE?, WHO?, WHAT?, WHO TO?, WHAT WITH? and WHY?

  • 1 game board
  • 6 studios: They’re actually just cardholders but play along with us. Each player lines up 6 NEWS CARDS facing themselves (thus forming a bizarre news headline).
  • 1 die: This one goes from 1 to 5. There is no 6. Instead, you’ll find a star, because first of all, it’s prettier. Secondly, rolling a star tells you to place your pawn on a tile with a… star.
  • 1 30-second sand timer: use it to time the bizarre stories you’ll all tell. (Yes, you can carry it around and use it to look old-school like the hipster you are).
  • 6 pawns/reporters: If you’ve only just opened the box, get ready to work those fingers: push the figures out of the card and wedge them into their plastic bases so that they’re ready to play.
  • Medals: A multitude of little medals.
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