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Distant Rabbit Games

Mantis Falls

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Like life... a cooperative game that's only really cooperative sometimes.


  • 216 Cards
  • 1 Playmat
  • 6 Cloth Bags
  • 3 Wooden Player Pieces
  • 3 Wooden Roses
  • 6 Wooden Buttons
  • 1 Manual
  • 220 Card Sleeves

About Mantis Falls


Mantis Falls is a "sometimes cooperative" hidden traitor strategy game for 2-3 players. It mixes hand-building and tactical card play with deduction and tenuous cooperation.

Players are set on the dark film-noir roads of Mantis Falls, a mob-ruled mountain town, in the 1940s. As witness to something not meant to be seen, they are now hunted for their information. Taking single steps down increasingly dark and dangerous roads, players must survive the night and make it out of town alive.


Together, they must frequently apply cooperation and trust to navigate the night together... but things may not all be as they seem...

Mantis Falls is a "sometimes cooperative" game. Each game may be entirely witnesses, in which case players only win if they all survive together - or there could secretly be an assassin hidden among them, subtly manipulating the situation and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Mantis Falls combines hand-building, risk management and social deduction in a detailed blend of strategy and player interaction. Players make concealed moves and develop hidden plans, but will also need to have thorough conversations throughout as they discuss tactics, defend their choices and bluff to protect carefully guarded secrets.

In their slow walk, players seek allies, acquire tools and become encumbered by grave afflictions. The steps forward present secret "unseen" events and double-edged action cards, which stir confusion and degrade trust. As the night wears, witnesses and assassins alike must both tread the line between the value of teamwork and a preparation to kill.

We created Mantis Falls to be a suspenseful and emotional journey shared with friends. Sometimes it is a game of cooperation balanced with secrets and doubts, and sometimes it is a game of competition balanced with indecision and sacrifice. With skill and craft, you may figure out which one you are playing before it's too late.


Mantis Falls is an experiment gone wonderfully right. Social deduction games should not work at low player counts, but it does here.”



“Unlike any other game I have played... Whether I win or lose, I want to try something new or different and play another game of Mantis Falls. I recommend Mantis Falls as an important addition to any game collection.


- Michael Knight, GEEKDAD

“No other game has given me such uncertainty and the need for unconditional trust. Masterful game design and atmospheric artwork come together here and result in a first class game.


- Patrick Gerk, GAME2GETHER

“My heart was pounding as I was preparing to make my move as the assassin... I’ve never played a game that does this mechanic so well. Mantis Falls is one of the most well-made tabletop experiences for two players I have ever played.



“Distant Rabbit have put together a beautiful, beautiful game. I absolutely loved Mantis Falls.”


- Hairy Game Lords

“Mantis Falls is beautifully designed. The artwork, components and gameplay knit together to create atmosphere and challenge in equal measure. A massive hit at our game night. You really do feel this one.


- Pete Douglas, ZATU GAMES

Wow! I can’t believe how fun this game is.... it hits just the right spots for me. This game has mechanics that can help hide your role very well which makes this game so good.”



Do you ever play a game for the first time and afterwards spend the rest of the day discussing how awesome it was? Mantis Falls by Distant Rabbit Games had exactly that effect on my husband and I, after we played it we couldn't stop discussing it!”


- SvsJBoardgames

Loved it... High player interaction, great theme and story and highly strategical... Never played a social deduction game for only two or three players. It's really clever.”


- Boardgame Review Tanja

“The game offers great strategy and is interesting until the end. The game really immerses the players into the world the creators are trying to create and makes the playing experience amazing.


- Friday Knight Games

“This game drips theme... There’s really never a dull moment... Surprises abound, as do the variety of ways to tackle dire and tricky situations. Mantis Falls is, in many ways, the game I've been waiting for somebody to design.




Mantis Falls is a highly interactive and strategic 2-3 player hidden traitor game. As wary companions, players must use hand management, cooperation and deception to protect themselves, and each other, on a dark and dangerous journey.

On the shadowed film-noir roads of a mob-ruled mountain town named Mantis Falls, you have witnessed something not meant to be seen and now must escape town. You are told another witness will join you, and you expect your greatest chance at survival will come if you can contend with the dangers of this night together. But with each harmful event and every fresh wound, your doubts grow. Looking into your companion's eyes you wonder, perhaps too late, if this person is here to kill you.

By use of hidden role cards, Mantis Falls is a “sometimes cooperative" game. A game may have only witnesses, in which case players can win only if they all escape together. Or there could secretly be an assassin, carefully protecting the illusion of collaboration until the right moment to strike.

Unlike semi-cooperative games with multi-tiered win objectives or tabulations of points, Mantis Falls presents a simplicity of purpose: Survival. And this challenge exists in equal and high measure for all players. When there are only witnesses, players will need to repeatedly perform acts of generosity and sacrifice even as "unseen" events and double-edged action cards chip away at their fragile alliance. Players tasked with the role of assassin can survive only with cunning and deception, forever cautious of the powerful but tenuous ability of witnesses to call in a hit on those they no longer trust.

Mantis Falls combines hand-building and combo-driven card-play with player communication. During every turn, players discuss tactics, defend choices and bluff their way through carefully guarded secrets. Witnesses and assassins alike must walk the line between a willingness to help their companion and a readiness to kill, reading each other as much as the dangers of the road.

With a variable board, hidden maximum player health, uncertain win conditions, and three optional add-on modules to complement the base game, each journey through Mantis Falls is unique. More importantly, the degree of interaction means that the personalities and relationships among players have the power to meaningfully transform every game.

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