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Nyctophobia: The Hunter

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Nyctophobia means fear of the dark. Welcome to the experiential table top game that is going to redefine what it means to play a game. Nyctophobia is a cooperative game of survival where up to four players must work together to escape a maniacal predator chasing them in a pitch black forest. But there's a wrinkle: would-be survivors play the game with Blackout glasses. Players cannot see the board and have to rely on touch to navigate their way to safety. So, are you afraid of the dark?

  • Cooperative board game played blind!
  • Includes "Hunter" and "Warlock" game options.
  • Designer, Catherine Stippell, was inspired by a blind relative to create a game that mirrored his experiences with board games.
  • Developed by Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island)
  • Experiential game design creates thrilling suspense when played. Game Length: 30-45 minutes.