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Sierra Madre Games

Pax Transhumanity

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Duration: 60 - 150 mins
Players: 1 - 4
Age: 12+

Represent an entrepreneur of the near-future and solve the challenges of humanity in Pax Transhumanity.

In the game designer Matt Eklund's own words: Pax Transhumanityis a game about idea development in a non-dystopian near future.  In traditional Pax-style, the players have access to a marketplace of ideas to compete over.  

Unlike other Pax games, there are no hands or tableaux in the traditional sense. The players’ goal is to invest in viable ideas and use infrastructure to release them to the world.  Once an idea is commercialized it becomes part of the human progress splay, becoming part of human history and making other ideas viable. It will also likely generate growth (new cubes), solve humanitarian problems (VP chits), or break down barriers (place company disks).  

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