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Gatwick Games

The Golfing Dead

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It's the zombie apocalypse, and you didn't make it. Despite being a zombie, though, you still enjoy a game of golf.

In The Golfing Dead, players try to create a tableau of Stroke cards with the lowest total. During play, they will reveal or replace Stroke cards in their tableau and possibly alter cards in their own or other players' tableau through the use of Action cards.

Players each start with a 3x3 tableau of face down stroke cards and a hand of three action cards. Player turns are played in two phases: a Stroke phase and an Action phase. During the Stroke phase, players will reveal a face down card, or replace one of the cards in their tableau with one from the Stroke deck or Stroke discard pile. During the Action phase, players may play an action, such as Zombie Gophers, Sacrificial Caddy, or Night Vision Goggles, to affect play.

After one of the players reveals his or her last face down Stroke card, the other players have one more turn. Then all cards are revealed and the strokes in each players tableau are totaled. The winner is the player with the lowest total score after two rounds.