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Unusual Suspects

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Unusual Suspects is a party game for up to sixteen players. One person was the Witness to a crime. They know who the culprit is but can only answer “Yes” or “No” to questions about the personality of the suspect. The rest of the team are Detectives trying to make sure the right person gets locked up from a line up of twelve suspects. They will flip Question cards for the Witness to answer, and then do their best to interpret the response. Based on their deductions they'll eliminate suspects until only the guilty party remains...or they let the perp walk. How well do you know the Witness? How will they respond? Has the culprit ever been to a county fair? Your investigation will have to find out!

  • 70Suspect Cards
  • 12Guilty Cards
  • 110Question Cards (10 Blanks)
  • 1Yes Card
  • 1No Card
  • 1Investigation Pad
  • 1Rulebook
  • Everyone's a Suspect
    With 70 different Suspect Cards ,there's no telling what combinations you might get. Finding the the real culprit will depend on how well you can read the witness.
  • Police Party
    Up to 16 people can play Unusual Suspects, turning any night into a suspect line up party. Can the detectives come together to make decisions or will the criminal walk out the door?
  • What's With the 3rd Degree?
    With over 100 Question Cards, you'll never be sure what's going to be asked of the Witness or how it will shape the investigation. The way you interpret their response will make a huge difference in the case.

Ages 14+

3 - 16 Players

20 minutes

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